Small Unicorn - 19cm, 7.5 in Large Unicorn - 28cm, 11in (height when sitting).


Can be knitted with any DK yarn.


Pattern Errata: Page 3. Legs: Row 10 should read Change to CC. Row 30: row 3 should read Work 6 rows of st st. Page 4. Column 3. Legs. 1st row should read: Sew side seams and stuff the legs as you go. Horn Tail and Mane section as follows: Using pattern front as a guide sew horn onto the centre of head in between the ears, position mane at top of the head and sew the mane down the back of the head and body. Sew Tail onto bottom of the body.

Stylecraft Wondersoft DK Unicorn toys knitting pattern leaflet 9276


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